Presented by: Classic Dance Company

When you enroll your child in our classes, you are entrusting a very special part of his/her education to us and we take that responsibility seriously. We are dedicated to the task of not only teaching dance, but also to nurturing the development of the mental, emotional, and physical growth, coordination, poise and grace of each individual.

We offer children a foundation in dance and movement.  Our classes foster the love of movement and introduces the preschooler to coordination, body alignment and posture, musical rhythm, beat and time and perceptual motor skills. Integrated with the physical concepts are intellectual concepts of self awareness, creative expression, imagination and teamwork. Your child will develop a sense of classroom behavior, good self-esteem and manners as well as confidence, grace, and poise while having fun.

Classes are interactive to ensure a positive learning experience. All students have the opportunity to perform periodically for other classes at the school, and to participate in a costumed recital at the end of the school year.

The Ballet and Creative Dance Classes Include:

Classes: 30 minutes once a week

Important Information


Street clothes that are easy to move in may be worn.
Only leather ballet shoes are needed for this class, pink for girls and black for boys.
Shoes may be purchased at any local dance store or Payless shoe store.
Please print child’s name on dance shoes.


Dance classes perform periodically for other classes at the school. 
Participation in a costumed recital at the end of the school year.