2024 Recital – 10am Saturday, June 15, 2024
Lake Dallas High School
3016 Parkridge Dr., Corinth, Tx. 76210

Download the 2024 Recital form here: FORM

IMPORTANT! – Children need to arrive at 9:35 to use the bathroom and get checked in.
Costumes will be brought to the preschools the week before the recital and more specific instructions will be provided.

We are looking forward to having a wonderful and fun recital.  The costumes will be brought to your child’s preschool the week before the recital.  Inside of the garment bag will be more information about the recital printed on bright pink paper.  Please dress your child at home before arriving at the high school    auditorium.  When you arrive at the auditorium, please take your child to the restroom.  All of the dancers must use the restroom before the parent proceeds to check the child in with their class.  (When they get on stage the excitement might make them think they have to go the restroom). 

After the dancer has used the restroom, please walk her down the left entrance   to the audience seats.  Each class will have a responsible child care helper who will be in charge of your dancer throughout the recital.  In most cases this will be a teacher from your child’s school.  You will find the care giver toward the front of the aisle (look for other little girls wearing the same costume as your child is wearing).  Check in your daughter with the caregiver, who will ask you if she used the restroom when you entered the lobby. Then your daughter will join her friends sitting in the row of seats.  We will announce where to pick up daughter at the end of the recital.  She will be in good hands always. 

Please pull your daughters hair into a high pony tail if possible. You can twist it into a bun and secure with bobby pins or leave as pony tail. We would like the hair away from the face and off of the neck so her stretched up posture is seen. There will be a hair decoration in the costume bag, usually attached to the costume.  Please secure to your daughters head, where ever you would like.

Lipstick, a little blush, and mascara should be used as the stage lights will wash out her features. 

Have Fun and Enjoy: The whole recital will be less than an hour and is made up entirely of young dancers! Each class will be onstage for 2 dances and the finale dance. This recital is for the children to enjoy and feel good about themselves. With children this age things will not be perfect, please relax and your child will relax and be more likely to dance on stage for you. If you forget something, don’t stress, we will have extras of some things or perhaps we can borrow. Smile and have fun is the motto!